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Ice Zero Asimmetrico

  • 3PMS, Touring, Winter
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Pirelli Ice Zero Asimmetrico

Specifically developed for the extreme rigid winter needs, the ICE ZERO™ ASIMMETRICO is the new member of Pirelli’s ICE ZERO™ tire family, dedicated to a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to minivan and SUVs. Thanks to the higher contact pressure and an increase in stiffness given by the adaption of a hybrid tread block, which combines a new 3D sipe and a regular 2D sipe, the ice braking performance of the ICE ZERO™ ASIMMETRICO is an improvement over the ICE ZERO™ FR. The higher sipe density of the ICE ZERO™ ASIMMETRICO increases snow contact for better grip on snowy road conditions. Moreover, a durable soft compound developed with new functionalized polymer, extends working range at low temperatures and, combined with full-depth siping, allows for a longer life of the product. Enjoy the winter season with the new ICE ZERO™ ASIMMETRICO that ensures the maximum level of safety and comfort in all cold conditions.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
4072100175/65R15 84T (24")0
4070700225/60R18 100H (28.6")0
4321500225/60R18 104T (28.6")0
4072200225/65R17 106H (28.5")0
4177900235/45R18 98H (26.3")0
4069800235/50R18 101H (27.3")0
4070800235/55R18 104H (28.2")0
4177600235/55R19 105H (29.2")0
4178200235/55R20 102H (30.2")0
4069900235/60R18 107H (29.1")0
4070900225/60R17 99H (27.6")0
4245100235/65R17 108H (29")0
4178000245/40R18 97H (25.7")0
4178400245/40R19 98H (26.7")0
4177800245/45R18 100H (26.7")0
4178300245/45R19 102H (27.7")0
4245300245/60R18 105T (29.6")0
4178500255/45R20 105H (29")0
4071900185/65R15 92T (24.5")0
4177700195/60R17 90H (26.2")0
4178600215/50R18 92H (26.5")0
4245200235/65R18 110T (30")0
4178100245/55R19 103H (29.6")0
4321400225/60R17 103H (27.6")0
4070000225/55R17 101H (26.7")0
4072000185/60R15 88H (23.7")0
4071500195/65R15 91T (25")0
4321000195/65R15 95T (25")0
4040100205/55R16 91H (24.9")0
4320900205/55R16 94T (24.9")0
4072500205/55R17 91H (25.9")0
4071200205/60R16 96H (25.7")0
4071600215/45R17 91H (24.6")0
4070500215/50R17 95H (25.5")0
4177400225/55R18 102H (27.7")0
4069500215/55R17 98H (26.3")0
4071100215/60R17 96H (27.2")0
4321200215/60R17 100T (27.2")0
4321100215/65R16 102T (27")0
4071000215/65R16 98T (27")0
4245000215/65R17 103T (28")0
4071700225/45R17 94H (25")0
4071400225/45R18 95H (26")0
4177500225/50R17 94H (25.9")0
4072400225/50R18 99H (26.9")0
4071300215/60R16 99H (26.2")0
4178700255/40R18 99H (26")0