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N'Fera Supreme SUV

  • All Season, M+S, Performance, Touring
  • Warranty: 55k-70k Mile
Picture of N'Fera Supreme SUV

Additional Information

Nexen N'Fera Supreme SUV

Enjoy a smooth ride, all year long. The upgraded Nexen Nfera Supreme combines the look of a performance tire with the comfortable, quiet ride of a passenger tire. Branded with the M+S symbol, this tire provides year-round traction, even in light snow. And with its long tread life, the Nexen Nfera Supreme can handle some serious mileage.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
18258225/55R18 98V (27.7")0
18606265/55R19 113W (30.5")0
18233265/50R20 107V (30.4")0
18227265/45R20 108V (29.4")0
18582265/40R22 106W (30.3")0
18583255/60R18 108V (30")0
18223255/55R20 110V (31")0
18224255/55R18 109V (29")0
18278255/50R20 109V (30")0
18237255/50R19 107V (29")0
18248245/65R17 107H (29.5")0
18249245/60R18 105V (29.6")0
18221245/50R20 102V (29.6")0
18240235/65R18 106V (30")0
18231235/65R17 104H (29")0
18255235/60R18 107V (29.1")0
18235235/60R17 102H (28.1")0
18253235/55R20 102V (30.2")0
18291235/55R19 105V (29.2")0
18228235/55R18 100V (28.2")0
18254235/55R17 99V (27.2")0
18243235/50R19 103V (28.3")0
18229225/65R17 102H (28.5")0
18241225/60R18 104H (28.6")0
18238225/60R17 99H (27.6")0
18242225/55R19 99V (28.7")0
18225265/60R18 110V (30.5")0
18234275/45R20 110V (29.7")0