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Solus HA32 SUV

  • 3PMS, All Weather, Directional, Winter
  • Warranty: 60k Mile
Picture of Solus HA32 SUV

Additional Information

Kumho Solus HA32 SUV

The Solus HA32 has been specially designed to suit European road conditions and offers excellent braking (15 percent up on that of its predecessor) and driving stability all the year-round. Its new cutting-edge compound and V-shaped pattern maximise driving performance on both wet and dry roads, while its three-dimensional interlocking sipes ensure equally impressive handling in the rain, slush and snow.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
2289183215/55R18 99V (27.3")0
2289173265/60R18 114V (30.5")0
2289233265/50R19 110V (29.4")0
2289223255/55R19 111W (30")0
2289163255/55R18 109V (29")0
2289213255/50R19 107W (29")0
2289153245/65R17 111V (29.5")0
2289263235/65R18 110H (30")0
2289143235/65R17 108V (29")0
2289133235/60R18 107V (29.1")0
2289123235/60R16 104V (27.1")0
2289203235/55R19 105W (29.2")0
2278803235/55R18 104V (28.2")0 $187.98
2289103235/55R17 103V (27.2")0
2289093235/50R18 101V (27.3")0
2289083225/65R17 106V (28.5")0
2289193225/60R18 104V (28.6")0
2289073225/60R17 103V (27.6")0
2289063215/70R16 100H (27.9")0
2289053215/60R17 100V (27.2")0
2289243275/40R20 106W (28.7")0
2289253275/45R20 110W (29.7")0