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WinterCraft WP71

  • 3PMS, Directional, Winter
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Additional Information

Kumho WinterCraft WP71

The WinterCraft WP71 is a premium high performance winter tire, which showcases a new tire contour design that provides significant enhancements to wet performance, dry handling, and tread wear. The WinterCraft WP71 features a uniform block design which delivers excellent grip and stable cornering for driving in all winter conditions and the application of the honeycomb 3-dimentional sipes maximize interlocking between tread blocks for improved traction on snowy and icy roads.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
2207563205/45R17 84V (24.3")0
2183523235/55R17 103V (27.2")0
2183593245/40R17 95V (24.7")0
2183533245/40R18 97W (25.7")0
2207553245/40R19 98V (26.7")0
2183543245/45R17 99V (25.7")0
2183553245/45R18 100V (26.7")0
2183663245/45R19 102V (27.7")0
2183613245/50R18 104V (27.6")0
2183603245/55R17 102H (27.6")0
2183623255/35R18 94V (25")0
2183573255/35R19 96V (26")0
2183643255/40R17 98V (25")0
2183683255/40R18 99V (26")0
2183583255/40R19 100V (27")0
2183563255/45R18 103V (27")0
2205273265/35R18 97V (25.3")0
2183653275/35R18 99V (25.6")0
2183513235/50R18 101V (27.3")0
2183633235/50R17 100V (26.3")0
2207503235/45R19 99V (27.3")0
2183503235/45R18 98V (26.3")0
2183343205/50R17 93V (25.1")0
2183353205/55R16 94V (24.9")0
2183363205/55R17 95V (25.9")0
2183373215/45R17 91V (24.6")0
2183383215/50R17 95V (25.5")0
2183393215/55R16 97V (25.3")0
2183403215/55R17 98V (26.3")0
2183413225/40R18 92V (25.1")0
2207493275/35R19 100V (26.6")0
2183423225/45R17 94V (25")0
2183443225/50R16 96V (24.9")0
2183453225/50R17 98V (25.9")0
2183463225/55R16 99V (25.7")0
2183473225/55R17 101V (26.7")0
2207543235/35R19 91W (25.5")0
2183483235/40R18 95W (25.4")0
2207533235/40R19 92V (26.4")0
2183493235/45R17 97V (25.3")0
2183433225/45R18 95V (26")0
2207483275/40R19 105V (27.7")0